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I have been passionate about writing all my life. I was the editor of a small newspaper (later magazine) for seven years, and currently work as a professional editor and proofreader.

I am the author of the Verindon trilogy, a young adult science fiction romance series released through Wombat Books, and Once Confronted, released through Rhiza Press. My most recent book, The Verindon Alliance, is a new stand alone in the Verindon world and was published in May 2020. The fifth book in the Verindon series, The Verindon Conspiracy, was released in April 2022.

The Verindon trilogy is available now as an omnibus.

I am able to speak at small groups/schools. I have four seminars on offer:

The Basics of Writing a Novel
This seminar will cover the basics of writing a novel, such as story arc, plotting, developing characters, world building, as well as other elements that make a good foundation when writing your first draft.

My Novel is Ready to be Published … Or is it?
This seminar discusses what you need to do before you start shopping your manuscript around. It also details the following:

  • make a submissions editor more likely to read your pitch
  • how to write a good query letter
  • the pros and cons of self-publishing and traditional publishing, and the pitfalls of vanity publishing
  • the benefits of a professional edit

Structural Editing Workshop
This seminar provides an overview of the basics of structural editing, such as:

  • how to make sure your plot works
  • character development and consistency
  • point of view
  • show don’t tell
  • descriptions

Ten Things You Should Know About a Professional Edit
This seminar is for those who have written a manuscript and are considering having it edited by a professional editor. It will detail ten key things that authors should know about having their books edited by a professional and will help them understand the process and enable them to make more informed decisions.


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