The Crown

Five months after arriving on Verindon, Sarah’s coronation is rapidly approaching. An unknown enemy seems determined to kill her before she can be crowned. With assassins all around her, Keridan and his squad of agents hide her to keep her safe.

But will the danger follow her?

The Crown is the second book in the Verindon Trilogy.

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The Crown – book trailer:

Outtakes from The Crown:

When I was writing The Crown, inevitably, some things had to be left out. As a result, there are a couple of scenes I liked that I had to cut. I have put them below for anyone who wants to read them.

Warning – they contain spoilers, so if you haven’t read The Crown yet do NOT click on these links.

You Had No Name


Playlist for The Crown:

Before you read listen to This Love by The Veronicas. The song sums up Sarah’s determination to have Keridan as her consort.

Chapter One – Soldier’s Poem by Muse

Chapter Six (about halfway through; you’ll probably be able to tell where!) – Assassin by Muse

Chapter Nine (towards the end) – Supremacy by Muse

Chapter Ten – She’s Only Happy in the Sun by Ben Harper

Chapter Eleven – Lanterns by Birds of Tokyo

Chapter Twelve – (during Sarah and Keridan’s conversation) Monkey with a Drum by Josh Pyke

End of Chapter Fifteen and into the beginning of Chapter Sixteen – Glorious by Muse

Chapter Seventeen – Forgiven by Within Temptation

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