The Reign

As Sarah tries to live with the knowledge that she and Keridan can never be together, she accepts a pledge of allegiance from the graduating class of agents. But this allegiance will be tested when an unexpected visitor arrives on Verindon; a visitor with a shocking secret. How will this affect Sarah’s reign?

The Reign is Book 3 in the Verindon Trilogy, following on from The Heir and The Crown.

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Extra Information

Because The Reign is from Sarah’s point of view I couldn’t always put in all the information, particularly in relation to her kidnapping as a child. I have put the information here instead.

Warning – they contain HUGE spoilers, so if you haven’t read The Reign yet do NOT click on these links.

Sarah's Kidnapping

The History of Verindon

Playlist for The Reign:

Chapter Two (from the start of the chapter) – Punch Up at a Wedding (No No No No No No No No) by Radiohead

Chapter Two – (when Sarah is left alone in her quarters) – I Need Something by Newton Faulkner

Chapter Three (from when the parade begins) – Smoke and Mirrors by Gotye

Chapter Six (from when they start using the security cameras to see who’s in the Place of Meeting) – Inflate My Ego by Daniel Bedingfield

Chapter Eight (from when they start walking around the streets of Svar) – Easy Way Out by Gotye

Chapter Nine (from about halfway through) – E.T. by Katy Perry

End of Chapter Eleven (from when they enter the selectors’ room) – Redemption by Muse

Chapter Twelve – Resolution by Matt Corby

Chapter Fourteen (near the end) – Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke

Chapter Nineteen – Please Don’t Go by Barcelona

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