The Verindon Conspiracy

Misilina has finished her training at the Academy on Verindon and hopes to prove that she’s as good an agent as her father, Keridan.

However,  her first assignment is guarding Lord Jolan, her childhood tormentor and the son of Overlord Ardon. Jolan is visiting the planet Darsair with his bride-to-be, Mandine, to help the Darsairian government improve conditions for the workers in their mines.

But the miners stage an uprising and attempt to kill Jolan. Can Misilina and her fellow agents keep Jolan and Mandine alive? Will they overcome the revolt or is their enemy more deadly than they could have imagined?

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Playlist for The Verindon Conspiracy:

Chapter Eleven – bad guy by Billie Eilish

Chapter Twelve (about halfway through) – Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

Chapter Fifteen – Hold Me While You Wait by Lewis Capaldi

Chapter Eighteen (halfway through) – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) by Kate Bush

Chapter Eighteen (towards the end) – Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band


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