A Family Affair

July 6, 2015 at 8:39 am

My family seems to have a talent for writing. I’m not sure exactly where it came from, as prior to my father’s generation, no one in the family seems to have had an interest in it, but it certainly appeared with him. He’s been an author for thirty years now. Then there’s my books, of course, and my brother also writes album and movie reviews. My son is also starting to get in on the act, although I think, like my father, he’ll stick to non-fiction.

My father, David Malcolm Bennett, launched his latest book on Saturday. It’s called John Wesley: The Man, his Mission and his Message. John Wesley founded the Methodist denomination and a book like that is right up my father’s alley. He enjoys biographies, especially about Christians who were significant in the development of Great Britain, where he was born.

Because we have a large room downstairs at our house, we held the book launch at our place. We had a good crowd there; including family, there were about thirty. My father did well too. The people who attended showed a lot of interest, and not just in his latest book, either, but also in the ones that came before it. There’s no doubt he was happy with the result.

But much to my surprise, so was I. When my father asked me (and a couple of other authors) to display our books as well, I thought I might manage to sell one copy. After all, a number of the people who attended had also been at the joint book launch I’d had with my father when The Reign was released, so I thought that if any of them were interested in my books, they would have picked them up then. Boy, was I wrong! I sold three full sets of my trilogy, something I have not done at any single event yet.

So I was happy, not just that I was able to support my father, but that people were interested in his daughter’s writing as well. It was a great day.

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