A new experience

March 30, 2015 at 4:08 pm

On the weekend I attended the Readers and Writers Down Under Convention’s book signing, which was held on Saturday 28th March on the Gold Coast. It was definitely a nice place to have a convention, although I didn’t have time to visit the beach. 🙁

I’ve been to a few different book signings over past couple of years since I became a published author, so there were many things about this event that were familiar. When I arrived I was told where my spot was and so began to set up my books and t-shirts on the narrow table I had been allocated. It was covered with a black tablecloth, just like its neighbours, and I quickly got everything ready for the arrival of the readers.

I introduced myself to the author on the table next to me, Dzintra Sullivan. A paranormal author, this was her first event, and she was a little nervous. I assured her I was too! But at least I knew more or less what to expect, although the convention did offer a couple of new experiences for me.

One of these was the fact that, on the other side of me, was a well known American author. She was one of the drawcard authors of the event and there was a continual and at times lengthy column of people going up to her desk to get copies of her books signed. Unfortunately, she and I write in different genres, so her readers usually didn’t give my books a second glance, but it was interesting to watch how a well known author goes about that kind of thing. She posed for many pictures and I’m sure her hand was exhausted by the end of the day from signing so many books.

Another new experience for me started early on in the day. Many attenders purchased t-shirts commemorating the convention, and I hadn’t been there long before someone came up to me and offered me hers. ‘Could you sign it for me?’ she asked. I was happy to oblige. In fact, I think I signed more than 25 t-shirts, with some people presenting me with as many as four to sign at once (presumably for friends who couldn’t attend). I also signed at least four iPad covers. I guess, when the iPad becomes your main avenue for reading, it’s necessary to make it look the part.

I’d like to congratulate the organisers of the convention for producing such a great event. Everything ran smoothly from my point of view. I guess there may have been disasters behind the scenes, but I certainly didn’t notice them. Well done, team!


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