A second launch

November 5, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Just over a week ago, I held the official launch for the second book in the Verindon Trilogy. The launch was held on 26th October, while my new novel, The Crown, was officially released on Friday, 1st November, and is now available everywhere in paperback, kindle and epub.

So how did the second launch differ from the first? For a start, I was a lot calmer when preparing for the launch. This meant I was also not as frazzled at the launch itself. I was able to appreciate and enjoy it a little bit more. I think it’s because I had more of an idea of what to expect this time. I think it may also have been because, knowing that people out there already loved my characters, I felt that they would enjoy reading this installment and experiencing a bit more of their lives.

Response to The Crown so far has been positive. Some people cried when they read it, which thrilled me (is that because I delight in people’s pain or because I’m delighted my characters were able to move them? Hopefully, the latter). Some are already complaining that they have to wait until May next year for the final book in the series. However, so far everyone has said that it was good, perhaps even better than The Heir, which is a nice thing to hear. I must admit, I’m just as nervous about its reviews as I was for The Heir. It’s always nerve-wracking to wait for people to put pen to paper and tell you, in words, exactly what they thought of your book.

I’m hoping that those reviews, as they come in, will be good ones. I’m hoping I’ve pleased everyone who’s waiting to find out more about what Dan and Sarah are doing. I also hope that everyone is dying, like I am, for the final installment to be released next May!

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