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familyYesterday I had the honour of hosting the book launch for my father’s latest book at my house.

My dad has been writing books and getting them published for a lot longer than I have. He’s been writing seriously since 1985 and has published numerous books. Most are biographies of prominent British Christians, such as John Wesley, William Booth, and in his most recent book, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. You can check this book out here.

He has so many book now available under his name that he had no problem filling the large trestle table I had laid out for his use. It made my paltry total of three published novels pale by comparison. But as he told those who were at the launch, he’s been doing it a lot longer than me!

Although there was only a small crowd in attendance, they were an attentive bunch and made sure they went home with books. Two even bought copies of The Heir, which made me happy! 🙂

This event served to remind me what a writing family we are. In fact, this week at school, my nine year old son received praise from his teacher for his writing. They’ve been reading Roald Dahl’s book, The Twits, and had been asked to write an additional chapter. My son’s creation was so good he was asked to read it to both grade four classes! While I still believe any writing talents he has will be more likely employed in non-fiction when he grows up, it’s nice to know he has the creative streak as well.

So it was a real family affair when it came to writing this week, and that’s something I always enjoy. 🙂

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  1. Congrats to your Dad and yourself and son. I believe there is a writing gene, as I can trace writers back through several generations of my family, and two of my granddaughters in primary school love writing ‘books’.

  2. Happy the launch went well for you all. It’s great to see giftings passed on through family generations. Well done David, Lynne and Kaden.