September 25, 2016 at 12:15 pm

brainstormingGetting a book launch together requires a lot of organisation, not just for things like choosing a location, catering, sending out invitations, etc, but what to do at the book launch itself.

Given that the online launch of Once Confronted is now only a week away, and the local release is only two weeks away, I have been doing a lot of brainstorming as I seek ideas of what to do at each launch.

The online launch has to consist of things that can be seen on social media. Fortunately, I’ve had a bevy of author friends who have given me ideas of various things I can post and giveaways I can offer, and I think I might have that one pretty much set to go. It’s at 7.00 am Brisbane time on 2nd October, if you’re interested in attending. Go here for more details.

The local launch has been a bit more tricky. Since it’s at an actual location, I’ve had to book a venue, organise catering, send out multiple invitations, and try and get a reach as far as possible, in the hope of an attendance which will justify this outlay of cost. In addition to that, I’ve had to work out exactly what we’re going to do at the launch so that the guests enjoy the experience. Some of the things I’ve organised for the online launch will be put to use at this one as well, but since it’s not online there’s been some more organisation surrounding that as well.

Fortunately, some friends have come to my rescue by helping to supply a lot of the things I need for the launch itself. This means a slight reduction in overall costs for me and hopefully a little less stress. Certainly, I’m now starting to think I have both events in hand, which is more than I thought a few days ago!

If you’re able to come to the launch in Brisbane, please let me know. You can find out more about it here.

I’d love to see you at either launch but if you can’t make it to either of them, I’d be happy to come to any book event you might have or supply you with a copy of Once Confronted or any of my other books. You can send me a message care of this website.

I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be an exciting couple of weeks! 🙂


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