Exciting Times

October 1, 2017 at 3:58 pm

Last weekend I went to my first ever Comic-Con event right here in Brisbane, and I’m hooked!

I was at the Intricate Worlds table with two author friends, Adele Jones and Jeanette O’Hagan. It was a great idea to share a table, as it meant we could not only share the costs but also man the table if one or other of us wanted to take a break and see all the great things on offer at Comic-Con.

I’m happy to say that all three of us were pleased with the response our books received. We gave out so many bookmarks that Adele ran out and Jeanette had few left as well. And we sold a good number of copies, too.

But aside from the commercial aspect, it was fun attending and seeing the work some people put in to their costumes. Some had been made solely by the cosplayer and were often intricate and well-constructed. It was fun learning all the fandoms everyone belonged to and seeing people enjoying them, just as I enjoy my own.

It was also great seeing a full-sized x-wing and some daleks!

This week I also made some more progress on my latest manuscript and I think I’m happy with it now. Not only that, there may be hope for another story of mine. Watch this space and I’ll let you know as the news breaks. 🙂

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