Little Gnome – a new innovation

June 1, 2015 at 1:03 pm

On the weekend I took my family to the opening of a new bookstore not too far from me. They’re called Little Gnome, and while little they may be, their aims are big and hold a ray of hope to every local unknown author.

That’s because Little Gnome, a coffee/bookshop, is anxious to support local authors, even (and especially) those who are self-published. They do have well-known books also, but are primarily trying to support those who are not so well-known. You might not be aware, but if you’re self-published usually bookstores don’t want to know about you. Even when you’re with a small traditional publisher like I am it can be hard to get the interest of some bookstores and has been the source of many days of frustration in my two years as a published author (yes, it’s been two years. It’s two years TODAY, actually!)

When we went to see them on Saturday I asked if I could leave some promotional material about my books. The reply was a cheery ‘of course!’. And when we were paying for our purchase, I thanked the lady behind the counter for their support of the ‘little guy’.

She nodded. ‘It was something we really wanted to do. We’re independent musicians so we know how it feels.’

It warmed my heart that she wanted to help us because she too, had seen frustrations in her own creative work. I’m happy that she and the others at Little Gnome decided to share the love and help out hard-working authors.

If you want to know more about Little Gnome, visit their Facebook page.

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