Reflections on the book launch

June 4, 2013 at 11:37 am

The book launch for my debut novel, The Heir, was held on Saturday. I had two launches, really: one in person and one on my Facebook author page.

I knew if I tried to post on Facebook at the same time I was trying to prepare for the physical book launch I’d probably blow a gasket, so I scheduled most of my posts ahead of time. It was exciting actually, to reflect on all the things that had led up to this point. I went right back to when I first wrote The Heir and my friends who had read it encouraged me to try and get it published. Having an online launch was a great way to get them involved, actually, as none of those friends are local, so they couldn’t come to the evening launch.

My family and I spent a lot of the day preparing for the launch, getting food ready, setting up the hall, you know, all those things you have to do when you’re having a celebration. Rochelle Manners and Sally Ford, both from Wombat Books, were there to support me and to sell my book and other books to the people who attended.

By the time the night started I was feeling a little stressed, but not as bad as I thought I’d be. After all, this was it! We were launching my book to the public, at last. No more preparations, no more saying, ‘someday’. This was it.

My friends came out to support me and I sold quite a few copies. They were all enthusiastic and many took home The Heir t-shirts to help me promote it that way. I was humbled by their enthusiasm.

On the way home, I commented to my husband on how much the evening had reminded me of a wedding day. I was so busy and so focused all day that I didn’t have much time to enjoy myself or to realise the enormity of what was happening. It’s a shame when that happens, isn’t it? Something we have been looking forward to for a long time can be swamped by all the preparations.

Having said that, I will do it again for the next book. I just hope I can stop a little more at that one, and soak in the realisation that I am now a published author.

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