Revise, revise. You never get it on the first try. Art shows up in rewriting.

April 24, 2013 at 12:48 pm

Boy, am I glad to hear that!
I heard another well known author say the other day that the first draft is never the one that is published and that’s so true, but I think that might surprise a few people who are starting out as writers. It is certainly something that is good to remember.
If you are starting out as a writer and you get something back from a publisher saying that your book still needs work, don’t despair. All books do. It’s difficult for an author to be objective about their work because they are too close to it. Having an independent evaluation can be a real help. I recommend getting your book edited professionally. The benefits are enormous, and publishers and agents will see the difference immediately.
There are quite a few people out there who offer this service, with varying degrees of experience. I offer an editing service myself. If you’re looking for an editor, I’d be happy to offer my services. Just contact me and we’ll see what we can do.
But certainly, don’t think your story has no hope just because someone says that it needs a lot of work. It’s knuckling down to do the work that makes the difference.

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