Stephenie Meyer

May 26, 2014 at 2:05 pm

I know that including Stephenie Meyer on a list of authors who I find inspiring will be contentious as many authors don’t think much of her. I disagree. And since she inspired me to take up the pen again she deserves to be here.
When I first read Twilight I had just written a screenplay in which I was trying to interest people, to no avail. It was a frustrating time and when it became possible to submerse myself in an imaginary world I took the opportunity and did not regret it. At the time, it had been years since I had read a novel. I had read some non-fiction and was busy with a new baby and trying to do a number of other things, but it had been a long time since a novel had captured my imagination.
That changed drastically from the moment I started reading. I was captivated by the story and loved every minute of all four novels as I devoured them time and time again. One or other of the novels was on my bedside table for over two years.
Not only did I enjoy Stephenie’s world, she woke me up to the myriad of stories running through my head. I had written three manuscript in the nineties which I never did anything with, and when I became involved in writing professionally for a magazine, it killed any enjoyment I had in writing in my spare time. After reading Twilight suddenly I was aware that there were stories in me clamouring to get out and one was soon knocking on my head in a way that demanded attention. So I sat down and started to write it. It became known as The Heir and was quickly followed by The Crown and The Reign.
So I do owe a lot to Stephenie Meyer. Not only did she help my creative side to reawaken, she also gave me another fascinating character to add to my list of favourites. Edward Cullen now ranks as one of my favourite characters of all time. Like most of the protagonists I like, he (contrary to popular belief) has many faults and weaknesses, but has strengths to make up for them. I like characters that have shades of grey and Edward gave me that, with his vampire curse and the nobility that lay underneath that. I shall forever be grateful to Stephenie Meyer for sharing him with me.

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