The Biggest Adventure of All

July 7, 2014 at 4:12 pm

AnushaToday my guest blogger is Anusha Atukorala. Anusha has always been enchanted with the English language. She’s been writing all her life; scribbling poetry, creating stories and composing songs. Mostly, she’s been writing from her heart on her joyful God-adventures. Her favourite activities include reading, writing, walking, singing, making friends, sharing the love of Jesus and connecting with people. She lives in Adelaide with her husband Shan and their son Asela. Her website, Dancing in the Rain, can be found at Do visit her and say G’day.cover

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The year was 2009. I was in Sri Lanka attending my niece’s wedding. Two years before, I’d heard God’s call to become a writer. Five years before, I’d begun writing my first book. It had been a slow process – one little story at a time. That year, 2009, I had finally finished it. So there I was, enjoying a coffee with friends prior to flying back home the next day. My friend Romesh asked me what I was doing in terms of work. I told him that I’d just finished writing a book and was looking for a publisher.

He said he’d find me one. I’m not sure if I believed him. But Romesh called back that same night. He had some exciting news. He’d spoken to a publisher he knew. The publisher was keen to meet with me and to view my book. Before I flew out the next night – the unthinkable had occurred. The publisher (Back to the Bible Sri Lanka) clinched a deal with me – just like that. Yes, my book was accepted for publication. Talk of miracles. There it was. My miracle. (What a good thing I carried it on my USB stick!)

It was the beginning of an amazing adventure; that of getting my first book published. Because the publisher and I lived oceans apart, there were a few difficulties to overcome. But I had a fantastic partner working with me from BTTB, Sri Lanka. Shantini and I corresponded daily – and together, we saw the book to its publication. It took ten months and hundreds of emails flying back and forth across the miles. It was a lot of hard work but I enjoyed every moment. I’m sure other authors will agree with me that there is little to compare with the thrill of having one’s first book published. My talented niece, Dilshara Hill, provided beautiful sketches and stunning photographs for my book.

launchIn July 2010, my family and I boarded a plane for our once-in-three-years holiday in Sri Lanka. This time there was added impetus to get there. I’d planned my book launch to coincide with our holiday. What an exciting time it was. Over 100 family members and well-wishers gathered for the launch, held in a church hall. I was blessed to have Ajith Fernando – a well known Christian writer, speaker, teacher and director of Youth for Christ (where God found me) as chief guest. Richard Brohier, who’d been on the staff at YFC, was there to sing a beautiful song of thanks and praise to begin the proceedings.


Anusha and her husband at the book launch

My beloved mum – a journalist of almost seventy years, spoke at the event. I sang a song I’d composed, ‘Enjoying the Journey’ and spoke a few words. My husband and son helped light the traditional oil lamp at the start of the proceedings. Family members joined in with many other exciting aspects of the launch. So what’s ‘Enjoying the Journey’ about?

It contains snippets on day to day life encouraging readers to find God in their daily everyday lives. It reminds them that they are unique and special and have a significant part to play in life’s journey.

The blogs in my website, Dancing in the Rain, are in fact a continuation of ‘Enjoying the Journey’ as I share all God teaches me through the bad times and the good; as I reflect on this tough, bewildering, strange, but also beautiful, fantastic, amazing journey we call life. I have discovered that the secret to enjoying my journey is to have a Guide who knows the way and knows what it’s all about. His name is Jesus.

The joy of having my first book published remains with me to this day, much like the thrill, wonder and excitement I experienced when my son was born twenty-four years ago. I have discovered that a writer’s life is rich and satisfying – not just because of the end product of having a book published but also because (like my journey with God) – my writing life brings me great joy and fulfillment just in the doing of it. I’m deeply grateful to God for blessing me with joy and fulfillment through my daily walk with Him and through the adventure being a writer called to share God’s love with His world.

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