Lynne Stringer – Author & Editor

I love Christimas and I always have. I was one of those kids who always woke up early (sometimes really early!) and usually woke up the rest of the house. I enjoy everything about Christmas.

I can remember at time when, as I became a young adult, the magic did tarnish a little for a while there. It didn’t seem as special anymore, as our family was small and unlike many families, our Christmases didn’t involve catching up with relatives we hadn’t seen in a while (I know for some people this would be a good thing!). That changed when I met and married my husband and his family was included in my own family’s celebrations. It was no problem to include them, thankfully, as we all get along well.

My Christmas was enriched once again when my son was born, especially as he grew and was able to understand what was happening. It’s a delight to see his face light up when he talks about it. Now, the cynic in me knows that most of his enjoyment is wrapped up in the idea that he gets a lot of presents that day, but I hope, as with me, his joy in the season will last beyond childhood and continue into his adult years. My joy increases every year he grows and especially as I see all our family (those who can, anyway) come together for the day and enjoy the celebration, sharing in the love that is part and parcel with the Christmas season.

How about you? Is Christmas a joyous time for you or is it just another chore to get through? Tell me your thoughts.

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