The most precious of memories

October 22, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Which book can you first remember encountering in your life?

Books were always part and parcel of my home life. I can’t remember which one I heard first – that would be impossible – but I remember quite a few from my childhood days. Sparkle the Pony was a favourite picture book for years. Another one called The Discontented Pony was a big favourite (and yes, I liked horses!).

Once I started reading novels The Famous Five series kept me amused for years. In fact, when I recently pulled out my old copies in the hope of tempting my seven year old son to try one, I started reading it myself and wanted to keep going. I guess that’s the thing about a good story. It’s hard to put it down, no matter how old you are!

I think that those books we loved as children can retain some of the most wondrous memories of our childhood days. I can remember forcing my father to read me Sparkle the Pony again … and again … and again (poor man!) and I can remember being curled up in bed reading Five Go Adventuring Again or The Black Stallion. The feelings these books evoke in me, even now, fills me with joy. There is no doubt books contain real magic, as they light our lives with tales of things, whether known or unknown, and take us to new places, offering new experiences.

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