The price you pay

January 25, 2016 at 8:41 am

thepriceyoupayA couple of weeks ago I started blogging about different points made in a meme about authors. It was called ‘What Every Reader Needs to Know’. I’m continuing that theme with the second point it made:

‘A book sold for 99 cents on Amazon nets the author only 17 cents. Please consider this when saying $1.99 is too much.’

Nobody likes to ask for more money, especially if you want a sale, and authors are no different. And I know what it’s like as a reader who doesn’t have much money. I have very little to spend on books myself, so I freely admit that I look for the cheapest ones. However, I will still buy a more expensive book if I’m interested in it, because I always remember, just as the meme says, that the amount the author receives for it is not great. Also, if the book is traditionally published, the publisher needs to be paid some of that as well. This is especially important with a small press publisher, like mine. They’ve outlayed their funds to publish my book and if they don’t earn it back (and hopefully a bit more) it makes it difficult to keep publishing. Even with ebooks, there are still costs associated with publishing that book, and 99 cents doesn’t provide much of a return.

Please, be aware if you’re buying books, that an author’s future may depend on the money you spend. If you like the author’s work, please don’t hesitate to pay a reasonable price for it. Consider it an investment in future novels that you will probably enjoy. And I’m not suggesting that you be okay with paying $20 for an ebook of an averaged-sized novel, but be aware that an unknown author is trying to find reasons to continue with this, and lack of funds is a major drawback, whether they are self-published or traditionally published. There are many ways you can support your favourite indie author, and being prepared to pay more than 99 cents for a copy of one of their novels is a good one.

*special note* the winner of last week’s giveaway copy of Glimpses of Light is Lesley Turner. Congratulations Lesley!

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