Timothy Zahn

May 20, 2014 at 12:55 pm

Timothy Zahn is another author who has inspired me. I know Timothy’s work mainly through the books he has written continuing the Star Wars saga and I have a lot of admiration for how well he did with them. It’s not easy trying to make someone else’s characters come to life on a page. (I know. I’ve tried.) He did an impressive job at recreating them. The already established characters from Star Wars who featured on the pages of his books were convincing likenesses of their movie counterparts and the new characters and scenarios he introduced were interesting and entertaining. I remember one critic said that you could practically hear John Williams’ score while you were reading it and I found that this was true for me too.
He made the stories believable and made us care about them, something many other Star Wars novelists failed to do, at least with me. I appreciate that he made such a great effort to continue the story of the characters I loved, as you can do that in a novel, whereas when it comes to a movie, the passage of time means that the actors beloved in those roles can no longer play them. Do they recast or do we just imagine them when reading one of Timothy’s stories? I’m happy with the latter.

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