’Tis the season to buy books

December 10, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Christmas is coming, had you noticed? I have, especially when we put the Christmas tree up! Laughing

It’s also clear Christmas is coming when I race around to write all my cards and buy gifts, sending them to those I need to send them to and keeping them on hand for the wonderful celebration that is Christmas.

There has been another thing on my ‘to do’ list this year: to do as much as possible.

I know that seasons like this are a common time for people to buy books. Books make great gifts. They’re a handy size if you need to transport your gift somewhere, even if it’s overseas, and they can be appreciated by young and old alike. I love getting books for Christmas.

I have had some good sales of my books over Christmas. I am hopeful of more, although I try to remember that Christmas shouldn’t be just about materialism and the increase of possessions, but it’s hard when I want to see people’s eyes spark with interest as I tell them about my books and see them take home copies to wrap and put under the tree for someone.

It is difficult to balance the true meaning of Christmas with the commercial aspect when you have a product to sell, but I think it’s necessary to do so. I can’t let myself forget that Christmas is really about giving, not getting, and giving in a far greater way than anything I can put under a tree.

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