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With The Heir on sale at the moment, I’ve been considering what usually motivates me to buy a book.

Price is definitely a motivating factor. If a book’s on sale I am tempted to buy it, especially if it’s a Kindle sale. I am buying most of my books on Kindle at the moment simply because it’s so much cheaper than buying the physical book. After all, if I fall in love with the book I can still buy a copy for my bookshelf.

The cover is another big selling point for me. I can be tempted to buy a book by cover alone and a crappy cover has stopped me buying one many times. If the cover is generic and contains simply one boring image that says little about the book then I will pass it by. Be in no doubt that covers can make or break sales.

I think the biggest thing that gets me to buy is recommendations from friends. If a person I know recommends a book I’ll definitely look at it, especially if that person has similar tastes to me. What better recommendation than a friend who loved a book you loved and says, ‘Try this. It’s just as good!’

One thing that definitely turn me off is other authors spamming me about their books constantly or doing it on sites I visit regularly. I can’t stand being bombarded with constant messages telling me I MUST buy this book. Nothing turns me off an author and their work quicker or more permanently.

All these factors I have experienced a lot lately as I am in the middle of a book buying frenzy after receiving a good quantity of Amazon gift card money for Christmas. So I continue to look at and ponder on many books out there. Which parts of a story sell it for me? I like romance but prefer it clean. I like sci-fi and fantasy so look as it’s not too technical. Lately there have been most YA books on my reading list, which is good, since I write for that genre!

What about you? What are make-or-break deals for you when you are buying a book? Let me know in the comments.

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