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shopIn all the preparations for the launch of my new book, Once Confronted, I’ve been looking for new ways to promote it, and that has led me to ask the question – where do people usually buy their books?

I’m guessing that you’re like me. You probably prefer a paperback purchased from the bookstore but those ebooks are so convenient. I regularly purchase an ebook first, then if I like the book enough to want it on my shelf, I follow it up with the paperback version later. Having said that, I’ve bought a lot of paperbacks this year to try and support my fellow local authors as much as possible, and it’s been great to read their books in the traditional style. 🙂

But when we get right down to it, where do you prefer to buy your books? And is that where you usually buy them, or do you shop for convenience? And if it is ebooks you purchase first, where do you usually buy them? Amazon? iBooks? Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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  1. I usually ask my library to buy any books that I wish to read and which are not on their shelves. In most cases they do so. I don’t buy many because I am at the down sizing stage of life, but occasionally I buy one from department stores such as Big W, or from Dymocks.