Why I wrote a novel

September 1, 2014 at 11:49 am

Jo Wanmer

My guest blogger today is Jo Wanmer. Jo loves being a Queenslander. She lives with her husband, Steve, on the northern outskirts of Brisbane. Together they run a small business and are associate pastors of a community of people known as Access Church.

She loves exploring the wonder of God’s creation on her early morning walks, going on adventures with her eight grandchildren, and preaching the powerful Word of God

Jo’s first book, Though the Bud be Bruised, won the Caleb award in 2011 for Best Unpublished Fiction Manuscript. Published on 1st June 2012, it has bought hope and healing to many who have read its challenging story. Jo is giving a copy of Though the Bud be Bruised away. Just leave a comment below to enter.

Jo is an accomplished speaker and preacher.

You can contact her on jowanmer@gmail.com or check the book trailer on her blog at www.jo-wanmer.blogspot.com

I wanted to write for years. Not to write a book but to tell my story.  As a family we’d walked a tough road but through that experience I found a real God. God was no longer the deity I read about in the Bible. He became a TTBBBfriend I could fight with, challenge and hear.

He did miracles in our family. They never happened the way I demanded and were always much slower at manifesting than I considered reasonable. But they happened and I was both amazed and thankful. He gave us a victory over the hidden and destructive evil that crept into our family.

Several times I tried to write this story but it was always wooden, boring and lifeless. If I was bored, who was going to be interested enough to read it?

On holidays, exhausted after a demanding time in ministry, I read three novels in four days. The thought came like a whisper.

‘Write your story as a novel.’

It was crazy, as I knew nothing about writing novels, but as I contemplated the idea it had merit. My family, friends and acquaintances would be hidden under fictional characters while the truth was related.

Taking my courage in both hands, I began. Page after page rolled out. These words had life. With determination, I set goals and finished the first draft in five months.

An opportunity for a writers’ mentorship opened before me and I was privileged to spend a week with Mary Hawkins, who patiently taught me how to write so the story would be a compelling read. I returned from the mentorship and formed another set of goals. I rewrote the entire book in the next six months.

Though the Bud be Bruised was published by Even Before Publishing in June 2012. Since then I have written another novel and the third one is nearing completion. To my surprise, I find I have a voice! Story writing is a powerful way of imparting important spiritual truths. It was Jesus’ chosen method and the Holy Spirit continues to lead me this way.

Writing is hard, slow work. What I produce in a hundred hours can be read in an hour or two. But it is worth it if even one reader is touched by the amazing love of God.

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